On January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in support of abortion; Roe v. Wade changed the course of American history.  For some, when the anniversary of that day comes, there is a celebration in their heart.  However, for those who cherish life, we look at that day as a tragedy, as we turn even harder to building a culture of life.  Many pastors around the nation see the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, as the day to focus on the sanctity, the very preciousness, of life.  This day is known nationally as Sanctity of Life Sunday; and since its first Presidential Proclamation in 1984 (text), the pro-life movement has energized the hearts of millions.

God's truth can lift the moral fog throughout the Church.  Lifting the fog is essential in overcoming legalized abortion.  Lifting the fog is also essential in reviving the Church in America.  Christians, if they speak with one voice, really do have the political power to rid our nation of legalized abortion.  With the blessings and help of three local pro-life groups, we assembled a pro-life resource packet in time for Sanctity of Life Sunday on January 18, 2009.  We sent letters to all of the pastors in the Houston area informing them of this resource.  Feel free to distribute this packet to your church leaders and Sunday School teachers.

Pastors letter 2009 and packet:

Sanctity of Life Resource Packet

Packet Contents:

Pastors Letter (written by Sonny Foraker)

More about the Problem

Youth Pastor Letter

Sanctity of Life Scripture

Abortion Facts

Bulletin Insert

Over-Population Myth

Two Worldviews

An example of a speech (also on our site)

A Case for Adoption

A pro-life skit

Pro Life Music (listen here)

Source for pro-life materials (as seen on Victory Won's website, victorywon.com)

Reasons to Avoid Planned Parenthood

Pro-life websites

Crisis Pregnancy Centers list (within the greater Houston area)

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