Pro-life Music

Through the ages, song has come from the hearts of men.  David sung of his love and even despair, yet always turned to his Lord.  Over two millennia later Hildegard von Bingen, a twelfth century Abbess, twined theology and music to compose canticles and antiphons that are as fresh and inspiring today as when she first braided them.

Music continues to reverberate in our hearts today.  We believe that pro-life music can dig in far deeper into some hearts than words and syllogisms.  We hope you appreciate and share the pro-life music we have collected.

Deliver Me

A song written by Marie Morrison who, with Russell Thompson, sings from her heart.  The song introduces us to the voiceless, hopeful unborn child to then sweep us to the conflicted and brokenhearted.  "Deliver Me," the last plea we hear, helps bring a voice to the voiceless.  The song can be downloaded and, with its lyric sheet and testimony, sung across the nation.

Pink or Blue?

In 1996, Sherry Jones wrote a poem and shared it with her friends and family.  The poem was an expression of her struggles after finding herself pregnant, and one day she gave a copy to David Bendrixi.  David read the poem and inspired, crafted music around it.  It is from this craft that we give you the "Pink or Blue?" song.  It is a charming song, one we hope will twang the hearts of women who find themselves where Sherry Jones once was.

Why Call it Choice?

A song by Al Atkins that calls those with open ears to see the unborn as little babies, not fetuses nor "lumps of cells."  Calling us to put aside our selfishness, Al points us to the true value of life; with their little toes, fingers, and even their heartbeat, the unborn deserve life.  With this song, some may realize how precious life is.  Feel free to share this song and the other music here with others.

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