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History of Abortion







I am a CPA from Houston, Texas.  In January 2000, my pastor spoke about abortion on 'Sanctity of Life Sunday'.  This inspired me to write the essay “Evil In Our Time”. 


I attempt to answer the questions: Why has the tragedy of abortion happened in our time and what can we do to stop it.  With this essay, I hope to encourage our pro-life side.  I also hope to change some who are straddling the fence on this issue.


I was a junior at Okemah High School in Oklahoma when Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.  I remember the propaganda and dirty tactics employed by the radical feminists and other immoral activists as they struggled to set up our American holocaust.  Since there was no pro-life movement at the time, they had little opposition.   


My overall purpose is to add my small voice to the pro-life movement and encourage all good moral people to stand up and defeat the evil forces of abortion.  It is, I believe, just that simple.  All we have to do is to stand up at the same time and we will have it won.


Larry Bohannon